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Real Identity: Francis "F-Stop" Stone
Affiliation(s): Meta-Breed and Meta-Men
Appearances (SS): Shock to the System, Aftershock, Sunspots, The Big Leagues, Shebang, A League of Their Own Part One, Romeo in the Mix, She-Back!, Army of Darkness, No Man's an Island, Wet and Wild, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Pyrokinesis
Voiced By: Danny Cooksey

Francis Stone had a psychopathic streak in him since the second grade. Due in part to childhood trauma, Stone manifested an intense hatred of his external environment. A two year stay in a hospital appears to be a significant contribution to this psychosis. In his freshman year of high school, Stone took the nickname "F-Stop" and formed his own street gang. He then chose Virgil Hawkins as his target to beat senseless and gain respect among gangs. Around the time Hawkins was beaten, F-Stop and a rival gang staged a fight at the Gate 10 docks. Wade, leader of that rival gang, took in Hawkins. To complicate matters, police set off several barrels of Quantum Vapor and turned the gangs into metahumans. After this Big Bang, many were taken to the local hospital for observation. F-Stop appeared normal but his body temperature suddenly spiked. He developed the power of pyrokinesis and blew up his room, then escaped.

Three days later, he resurfaced outside a Dakota Electronics store and called himself HotStreak. He dispatched Fur Fur, another Bang Baby metahuman, and proceeded to kill Virgil Hawkins. After defeating Static, he was doused in flame retardant by a team of firefighters. He was delegated to a padded room in the hospital and force fed sedatives to neutralize his powers. HotStreak eventually regained them and escaped again. He terrorized citizens in town square but was defeated when Static unearthed a giant sewer pipe and dumped raw sewage on him. HotStreak was assigned to counseling in order to manage his anger. He was cleared and sent back to Dakota Union High School. Within a day, he began to hustle other students for their money and attacked a security guard. HotStreak displayed new skills including creating a force field and constructs out of fire. A powerless Static tried to scare him off with Zap Caps but HotStreak chased him to the rooftop of Mic's Video. Static powered up using an industrial fan then burst a water tower on HotStreak.

HotStreak was later recruited by the Joker to join his new gang. He accepted and managed to keep his defiant personality in check, most likely out of fear of the Joker. By this time, HotStreak was able to project fire from his eyes and mouth. Along with the other Bang Babies, HotStreak helped steal two firetrucks from the East Side Firestation, rob a Dakota Merchant's Bank, and kidnap Batman and Robin. Static intervened before the Joker killed them and a stand off ensued. Batman set off an extinguisher near HotStreak and neutralized him. Months later, he escaped prison and rampaged on 52nd and Main Street. This became his first encounter with the hero, Gear. A short time later, he attended a showing of Space Battles Episode 9 at the Dakota Multiplex. HotStreak hated the movie and went on another rampage. Static and Gear arrived to confront him again only to be upstaged by She-Bang. She used fireproof gloves and tossed HotStreak into a nearby water fountain. HotStreak was then recruited by Puff to join her Meta-Men. While they fought Static and Gear, they encountered the Justice League. Batman defeated HotStreak with retardant from his utility belt.

After this battle, HotStreak severed ties with the group and went on his own again. While stealing a sportsbike from Lewald & Sons Motorcycles, HotStreak was kidnapped by the Leech and imprisoned at an old movie studio with Ebon. After the Leech mistakenly kidnapped Lil' Romeo, who was dressed like Static at the time, HotStreak recognized him and asked for an autograph for his sister. After escaping, he, Ebon, and Talon locked up Static and Romeo to face the Leech alone. The trio was arrested by the Metahuman Capture Division. Months later, they were broken out of Wing A by Madelyn Spaulding. Both Ebon and HotStreak resented Spaulding's leadership and the former challenged her. As the battle ended, Static and Gear arrived. Gear defeated HotStreak with a dose of liquid nitrogen.

Soon after, HotStreak stole a car and led Static on a high speed chase. Both were then attacked by an Alva Industries team. They were volunteered to donate their energies in the effort to revive Edwin Alva Junior. They awoke bound to each other and infiltrated an Alva facility. They eventually unlocked their restraint and HotStreak took Edwin Alva hostage. When Static tried to transfuse a safe amount of energy, HotStreak joined in. Gear's oversight then ensured Junior's revival. After being returned to Dakota, HotStreak drove off with one of Alva's hover vehicles. Weeks later, HotStreak developed a romantic relationship with Aquamaria. Together, they planned to rob Spire Records on the release day of Candide's new album. HotStreak fled the scene as Static and Gear froze her. During a test of Dr. Todd's Bang Baby cure, HotStreak disabled a power conduit feeding an injection system control and altered Aquamaria's ability instead of nullifying it. Aquamaria reunited with HotStreak and kidnapped the scientists to cure her.

HotStreak confessed to his part in Aquamaria's plight. Aquamaria lost her nerve and sought to flood all of Dakota City by absorbing Lake Dakota. Luckily, she was defeated by Static and Gear. Due in part to seeing this cure, HotStreak allied with Meta-Breed only to watch as Ferret began to turn human again. After Ebon stole Quantum Vapor from Dr. Todd, HotStreak began to lose patience and challenged his leadership. Aboard the S.S. Cheng, Ebon planned to stage a second Big Bang for those who pledged their allegiance to him. But after Talon accused Ebon of cowardice, HotStreak stole the Quantum Vapor and fled to the Quarantine Hall. He and Ebon fought over the Vapor and set it off. Both were critically overexposed and were fused together into a giant monster. Static blew up the ship but it is unconfirmed if the monster was killed or not.