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Real Identity: Dr. Koenig
Affiliation(s): Ashton Biotechnics
Appearances (SS): The Parent Trap
Powers/Skills: Mass Absorption, Impenetrable Skin, Enhanced Strength, and Biochemistry
Voiced By: Ron Perlman

Dr. Koenig was a scientist employed by Ashton Biotechnics. His project was to perfect a way for living cells to absorb energy more efficiently and bypass the metabolic process. However, his research reached a dead end and his partners, Drs. Jonathan and Dolores Vale moved onto another assignment, a bioengineered super soldier. Koenig soon met Shenice Vale and continued to conduct research and experimented on himself. As a result, he gained the agility to absorb mass from other objects and as a side-effect became super strong and invulnerable. The objects' atomic structure collapses and Koenig became stronger. He was unable to stop the process and discovered he would eventually turn into a living statue. Koenig devised a special chamber to force the cure into his skin. He used the abandoned Ashton Biotechnics headquarters as his base of operations.

Unable to complete it on his own, Koenig kidnapped the Vale's and forced them to help him steal parts for and build the chamber. In order to ensure their compliance, he attached collars to their necks. If they fled, a fatal dose of poison would be injected into them. Over the course of three days, they robbed four chemistry laboratories with brute force. The only evidence left at the scene was Koenig's footprint. She-Bang returned to Dakota after a web chat clued her to the location of her parents and sought the help of Static and Gear. While investigating their hotel room, the trio discovered the same footprint. Then Backpack detected a metahuman alert at the Cowan Chemical Plant on Route 92.

Nicknamed Heavyman, Koenig and the Vale's were stealing liquid nitrogen chilled to -321 Degrees Farenheit. At the time, Static discovered Heavyman weighted 4000 pounds from all the mass he absorbed. The chamber was completed but it was revealed that Heavyman's skin became too dense and couldn't take the antidote. After absorbing one of Static's Nova Bursts and several cars, Heavyman plunged through Ashton's underground parking lot. The authorities contracted a construction crane to hoist him into custody.