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Real Identity: Mick Rory
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances: Eclipsed Part One(Actor), I am Legion, To Another Shore, the Great Brain Robbery, Alive! and Destroyer
Skills: Heat based weaponry
Voiced By: Lex Lang

While on a school field trip to a meat packing factory, young Mick Rory was locked in an industrial freezer. Rory cried and cried, until no one responded Rory thawed his hands out long enough to pick the freezer's lock and escape. Afterwards, Rory was plagued with cryophobia (a fear of the cold) and became obsessed with heat.

As an adult, Rory started a criminal career in Central City with a self-designed Heat Gun and insulated suit. The gun, much to its namesake, can generate extrememly focused high temperature flames, while the suit is insulated with thermal dampening and heat resistant material. Callin himself "Heatwave", Rory went on a crime spree until he crossed paths with the Flash.

When the Flash was acting on television commercials, one of his villains, Heatwave was portrayed alongside Captain Boomerang and Mirror Master.