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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Heart of Steel, Heart of Steel Part Two and His Silicon Soul
Skills: Artificial Intelligence
Voiced By: Jeff Bennett

Cutting edge technology is another hot commodity among businesses in Gotham City. Wayne Enterprises and Cybertron Industries were the top two companies whose Research and Development divisions held the lead in the wetware wars. Cybertron's pariah, Karl Rossum began to develop his own prototype artificial intelligence, dubbed the Holographic Analytical Reciprocating Digital Computer (HARDAC). Rossum went too far and gifted HARDAC with too much intelligence parameters. Perhaps clouded by the loss of his daughter, Rossum willingly allowed a duplicant with AI to be created.

HARDAC decided that the human race was obsolete and sought to create legions of robot duplicants to take the place of their human counterparts. HARDAC still required certain wetware and design specifics, that were only available at Wayne Enterprises. HARDAC entrusted its first creation, Randa Duane to carry out the thefts. The design specs were left after a botched robbery. Duane then romanced Wayne in an effort to steal the specs.

HARDAC pressed on and created duplicants of high officials in Gotham City such as Commissioner Gordon, Mayor Hill, Karl Rossum, Detective Bullock and Bruce Wayne. Before it could continue, Batman intervened. As a result, HARDAC perished in an explosion. The remains were confiscated by the Gotham City Police Department. HARDAC was able to survive in the Bruce Wayne/ Batman duplicant, its most advanced creation. However, the duplicant was damaged and needed repairs.

The duplicant believed itself to be the real person trapped in the body of a robot and sought the aid of Karl Rossum until Batman chased it off. It eventually found its missing component and HARDAC reactivated. It planned to interface with Batman's super computer and spread itself into every major system in the world. However, HARDAC built the duplicant too well and its programmed emotion overrode its mission. The duplicant disrupted the countdown and in the process destroyed itself and HARDAC for good.