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Real Identity: Haahk
Appearances (BTAS Comic): Demons
Powers/Skills: Pathogen Manipulation, Enhanced Strength, and Immortality
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The demon Haahk is a murderous spirit and one of the major archfiends of Hell. He is the pit-spawned embodiment of pestilence, a living plague that brings death to everything in its wake. Haahk possesses a virulent touch that will disintegrate most matter in seconds. At some point in time, Haahk was banished to Hell by the Summoning Tablet. The Lord of Pestilence could be summoned back with the Tablet, as well. A pentagram must be drawn on hollowed ground and five must stand on each point. Then a spell must be chanted, ""Tsetaerg Eht Saw Ybrik, Nitas Teews Ym, Kcab Nrut Smra Ym Semitemos, Luap Deirub I!"

In the 20th century, Ra's al Ghul summoned Haahk with the intention to use the demon to purify the world and achieve his dream of paradise on Earth. Since Ra's possessed the Tablet, Haahk had no choice but to obey. He immediately killed all of the Society of Shadows agents present. Batman and Jason Blood/Etrigan intervened. While Blood transformed into Etrigan, Batman stabbed Haahk with Ra's' mystic staff and weakened it considerably. Etrigan then used the Tablet to send Haahk back to Hell.