Granny Goodness

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Real Identity: Granny Goodness
Appearances (STAS): Apokolips...Now! Part One, Little Girl Lost Part One, Part Two, Legacy Part One and Part Two
Appearances (JLU): The Ties that Bind and Alive!
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd and The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
Skills: Psychological domination
Voiced By: Ed Asner

In her youth, shock trooper Goodness was a dog soldier in the army of Apokolips. She often bested her male counterparts and quickly rose up through the ranks. The final test of loyalty was to shoot her warhound, Mercy. Instead, Goodness killed her examiner. She was taken directly to Darkseid where he ordered Mercy to maul Goodness, forcing her to in turn kill it in self-defense. Goodness graduated with honors and joined Darkseid's elite.

Years later, Goodness became headmistress and took the name Granny Goodness and was charged with running the orphanages of Apokolips. Using a combination of physical discipline and mental dominance, she molded the children of the Armaghettos into Darkseid's slaves. She also formed and trained the Female Furies, a battalion of female warrior elites. Her weapon of choice is an electric gauntlet.

Granny Goodness was once assigned to destroy Earth by Darkseid. The mission involved outfitting the late Bruno Mannheim's Intergang (in reality, mere runaways) with Apokoliptian weapons to steal technology from Earth and build a device to attract an asteroid into Earth. In doing so, Darkseid would not violate the peace treaty with New Genesis whom its leader Highfather took Earth under his protection in an earlier altercation. She was humiliated when both, Superman and Supergirl stopped her.

In another scheme, Granny Goodness personally tortured and brainwashed Superman into believing he was the adopted son of Darkseid. Afterwards, Darkseid unleashed Superman to conquer Earth. However, Superman regained his memories and went to Apokolips to rectify the misdeeds. He left Granny Goodness to fry in her own electric chair.

Recently, with Darkseid missing, the elites of Apokolips began to war amongst themselves to fill the power vacuum. The top forces clashing were that of Granny and Virman Vunderbarr. Kalibak, being the eldest son of Darkseid and in direct line of succession, became an asset in consolidating power. To do so she kidnapped Oberon and forced Mr. Miracle to extract Kalibak for her. Miracle was able to, but turned the tables on Goodness and left Kalibak incarcerated on Earth, thanks in part to the Justice League. The civil war temporarily ended when Darkseid returned but resumed when he vanished from Earth with Lex Luthor and the Anti-Life Equation.

Years later, Granny Goodness boomed to the Metrotower with an army of Parademons, determined to destroy the League in order to legitimize herself as Darkseid's successor. Things went from bad to worse when Kalibak and his army boomed into the tower, intent on destroying the League himself. Mister Miracle had a plan and asked Big Barda to tell the rest of the League to take cover. Miracle used his Mother Box to trace the Boom Tubes used by Granny Goodness and Big Barda, reversed their polarities, and sucked them and their forces back through their tubes to Apokolips.