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Real Identity: Gordanians
Appearances: Starcrossed Part One and Hunter's Moon
Powers: Super strength and Flight

The Gordanians are an alien race of planet conquerers. Known for their brutality, the Gordanians have been locked in an eternal war with the Thanagarians. Recently, the Gordanians' main fleet pressed close to the Thanagarian home planet and cut off its expeditionary forces. The Thanagarian council hoped that Commander Hro Talek would successfully complete the hyper space bypass system. With it, Thanagarian forces would be able to instantaneously teleport to the Gordanian homeworld and avoid its impenetrable fleet. However, Talek failed to secure the last planet in the bypass system, Earth.

The Gordanians continued on and successfully took over Thanagar. Hro Talek arrived and attempted a last ditch suicide run on his own. It was too little, too late. Thanagar belonged to the Gordanians. Some Thanagarians managed to survive the onslaught and formed an underground resistance.