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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BTAS): Feat of Clay and Feat of Clay Part Two
Skills: Underground Activity
Voiced By: Ed Begley Jr.

Germs is a henchman for hire in Gotham City. He was once hired by the industrialist, Roland Daggett to commit corporate sabeteurs in secret. Germs and Raymond Bell were to kill Luscius Fox, who possessed crucial evidence that proved Daggett was involved in insider trading. His namesake comes from a pathological fear of being vulnerable to the germs and the like. He often cleanses doorknobs and other common sources of infection. Germs also had a contact in the Gotham City Police Department and used it to infiltrate Gotham General to finish off Luscius Fox. However, Germs' role in transforming Matt Hagen into Clayface came back to haunt him. Clayface, in disguise, attempted to kill Germs in revenge but Batman intervened. Batman then interrogated Germs and left him for the police.