Gentleman Ghost

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Real Identity: "Gentleman Jim" Craddock
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances: I am Legion, the Great Brain Robbery and Ancient History
Powers: Invisibility and Ectoplasmic blasts
Voiced By: Robin Atkin Downes

"Gentleman Jim" Craddock was an infamous highway robber in England. After relocating to America in the late 1800's, Craddock encountered an Old West gunslinger couple, Nighthawk and Cinnamon. Craddock was captured and hanged by Nighthawk. Craddock swore revenge and managed to cheat death. He remained a ghost because the spirit of his killer had not moved on to the next plane of existence. It turned out that Nighthawk was the reincarnation of Egyptian royal, Prince Khufu and Cinnamon, Chay-Ara and their souls would never move on.

Whenever his long time enemies are resurrected, Gentleman Ghost usually returns to kill them in order to end his life as a ghost. Besides having the ability to turn invisible and pass through solid objects, Gentleman Ghost retained his marksmanship and antique flintlock pistols. He also occasionally freelances as an agent of underworld figures.

In Midway City, Gentleman Ghost was on the run after stealing an ion drive (either for a client of the Legion of Doom). He was pursued by Green Lantern and later Hawkman. One of his few weaknesses was exposed in the confrontation. Nth Metal has properties that interfere with Ghost's dimensional shifting abilities. He ensnared in a net by Hawkman and carried away by the obliging Green Lantern.