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Real Identity: Garth
Appearances (BTAS): Tyger, Tyger
Powers: Above average Attributes
Voiced By: Unknown

Garth was Dr. Emile Dorian's first successful experiment in gene splicing to create an animal-human hybrid. Dorian was met with limited results, Garth possessed limited intelligence and strength. Dorian looked past the failure and refined the process to create a more perfect specimen, Tygrus. After some time, Tygrus easily surpassed Garth but Garth still served Dorian. He was delegated to menial tasks. When Dorian chose Selina Kyle as his latest experiment, Garth was dispatched to Gotham City to kidnap her. Garth remained distrustful of Kyle's presence, even after she was transformed but was ignored. Garth survived and was either taken by the authorities or stayed on Dorian's island.