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Real Identity: Galatea
Affiliation(s): Cadmus
Appearances: Fearful Symmetry, Flashpoint and Panic in the Sky
Powers: Same as Supergirl (Genetic replica)
Voiced By: Nicholle Tom

Named after a character from Greek mythology. A great sculptor called Pygmalion created great ivory statues. Working ever so diligently on one particular statue, he immediately fell in love with it, he clothed it and placed jewelry on it. Pygmalion named it Galatea or 'sleeping love'. He went to a temple and prayed to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Upon hearing his prayers, Aphrodite went to see the statue and decided to give it life. Galatea and Pygmalion fell in love and married.

When Supergirl was under Emil Hamilton's care, when Superman was trying to clear his name, Hamilton used a Kryptonite shard to extract a sample of her DNA. Hamilton was in league with a shadow group to clone a defender. Hamilton sped up the process and cloned a more mature version of Supergirl, Galatea. Galatea trained in virtual reality programs in a defunct corporation called Nuvo-Gen and carries out assassinations for her benefactors. However, she shared a psychic link with Supergirl, making them both privy to each others actions in dreams. Galatea slowly developed a conscience and felt her ease with killing weaken. When it became obvious that she would not be able to kill Supergirl, her benefactors destroyed the complex, leaving Galatea seriously injured. She was last seen in the care of her creator and admirer, Emil Hamilton.

After months of recovery, Galatea was reassigned to active duty when Amanda Waller decided to strike back at the JLU for destroying a Cadmus compound. Waller made her a general of an army of Ultimen. Using a neural implant, Galatea could operate them by remote control. Galatea's mission was purely search and destroy. Her objective lay in sabotaging the fusion reactor in the JLU Watchtower and killing anyone inside. She merely only wanted to kill Supergirl. Galatea became obsessed with Supergirl in order to give her life some meaning and resonance since she felt all she ever was was a clone. She was electrocuted into submission and is currently in JLU custody.