General Eiling

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Real Identity: General Wade Eiling
Affiliation(s): Cadmus
Appearances: Dark Heart, Doomsday Sanction, Question Authority, Flashpoint, Panic in the Sky and Patriot Act
Powers/Skills: Super Strength, Regeneration and Near Indestructibility/Military
Voiced By: J K Simmons

A ruthless general in the United States Air Force. Eiling was the creator of the Captain Atom Project, a top secret government program enacted to create their own metahuman agents. Eiling manipulated Captain Atom's origins by framing Nathanial Adam for treason and forcing him to agree to taking part in the project or face the death penalty. When the resulting project hurled Adam 20 years into the future, Eiling had married Adam's wife.

Eiling is also a division head on the Cadmus Project. Overseeing military matters, Eiling is a practical strategist and takes advantage of situations when he can.

After Project Cadmus was all but decommissioned, General Eiling was reduced to a desk job. Unlike, Amanda Waller, Eiling still perceived Superman and the Justice League as a threat to national security. He got possession of classified documents detailing Project Captain Nazi. It curtailed a Nazi plot in 1944, to engineer an army of Aryan super soldiers, but a American spy code named Spy Smasher intervened. The serum was recovered and experimented on by Cadmus in the early days of Doomsday's creation. However, the Cadmus scientists could never perfect it. The animal test subjects showed signs of permanent disfiguration. Eiling still decided to sneak into Cadmus headquarters and use the serum for himself. Six months ago, his command codes were changed. With the help of one of the remaining staff, Dr. Anderson, Eiling broke into the Bio Vault and injected himself with the serum. Eiling transformed into a monstrosity and set out to kill Superman to send a message to the League. Eiling beat a group of non-super powered heroes until he was driven off by innocent bystanders.