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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Ruffpack and Meta-Breed
Appearances (SS): Static Shaq, The Big Leagues, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Olfaction
Voiced By: Chick Vennera

A gangmember, with visible tattoos on his arms, during the Big Bang was gifted with an acute sense of smell and was partially transformed to account for the ability. He took on the name Ferret, is wanted on charges of robbery and vandalism, and joined Hyde's Ruffpack gang. They ran into Static again during a guitar heist. Hyde kept a piece of Static's garment and ordered Ferret to use his ability to track Static down and discover the hero's secret identity. He led the gang to Shaquille O'Neal's party and found Virgil Hawkins, despite a heavy layer of aftershave. Dressed as a waiter, Ferret tried to pinpoint the person but Hawkins managed to create a diversion. He was arrested and arranged for a transfer to the state penitentiary. The Ruffpack broke him out and continued to try to track down Static. He fought them at the old Freeman Community Center with O'Neal and defeated them.

Ferret soon resurfaced at an open market in Dakota Park. After detecting ionized oxygen, Ferret fled the scene from Static. While hiding in an alley, the Joker extracted him from an open manhole and offered him a position in his new gang. However, Ferret was concerned he wasn't good enough and declined to join. The Joker accepted and doused him in his Joker Toxin. Then during a robbery of Dakota Merchant's Bank, they left the infected Ferret behind wrapped in a calling card for Batman. He was taken to a local hospital where Dr. Harris took the lead in the team that oversaw Ferret. After applying sedatives, Harris noted he was showing signs of stabilization. Static, Batman, and Robin appeared in his room to look for further clues. Batman and Robin noted grease, metal shavings, and signs of being dragged. After injecting Ferret with the Joker Anti-toxin, Batman deduced the Joker was bored with fighting Static and implored him to lead them back to where Ferret was taken.

Years later, Ferret teamed up with Kangor to rob a store. However, Kangor lost his powers and turned human again due to Dr. Todd's cure. Ferret attempted to pass this revelation onto the Meta-Breed and reverted back to a normal human, as well.