Female Furies

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The Female Furies are the premeire elite warriors of Apokolips. Each member of the group was personally trained by Granny Goodness in a certain skill.

The Furies first appeared on Earth when Granny Goodness was sent there in a covert operation to destroy Earth with its own technology in order to avoid the intervention of the New Gods. When Supergirl discovered Granny's plans, Granny retaliated by summoning the Furies. In the aftermath, Superman was taken captive and Supergirl traveled to Apokolips to rescue him.

The Furies also played a minor role in Superman's brainwashing by Darkseid. The Furies acted as Superman's childhood friends and Lashina even acted as his love interest. When Superman regained his memory and returned to exact his revenge, he easily dispatched the Furies.

During Apokolips' civil war, two factions of power came to blows with each other. One was led by Virman Vunderbarr and the other, by Granny Goodness. The Furies rallied under Granny's direction.


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