Fatal Five

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Fatal Five

The Fatal Five are a group of the 30th century's most infamous criminals. Banded together, the quintet was responsible for murders and numerous acts of violence. President Chu, of the United Planets, had a hidden agenda to incite a second war between the two planets, Braal and Titan. Chu fabricated the threat of a Sun Eater. She then issued an order to the Legion of Superheroes to assemble the criminals, Emerald Empress, Mano, the Persuader, Tharok and Validus into a strike team to fight the Sun Eater. The five were promised amnesty in exchange for their help. Named the Fatal Five, the criminals soon started a fierce battle with the Legionnaires. The later involvement of the Legion Rescue Squad led to victory for the Legion. They later instigated a sting operation to expose President Chu's corruption. Chu was removed from office and replaced by the United Planet's Council and replaced and industrialist and Legion founder, R J Brande. The Fatal Five, meanwhile, constantly escaped from prison and continued to frequently clash with the Legion. A mutual mistrust between the criminals often leads to their defeat by the Legion.

The Fatal Five came up with another plan, a very ambitious one at that. They wanted to strike at the United Planets and eventually take over the universe. In order to do so, they would practically need an army. Using psionic devices, the Fatal Five broke into the Legion of Superheroes new headquarters and took control of most of its members. With almost every member, the Fatal Five, then planned on traveling to the United Planets' capital and unleash the Legion on it. A destabilization of the government would follow. As a result, the Fatal Five would take over amid the chaos. However, Brainiac 5 and Green Arrow managed to make a suicide run and enter the Five's ship. In the following scuffle, Green Arrow was able to destroy the psionic device's wave source. The Fatal Five were soon recaptured and sent to jail.

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