Farmer Brown

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Real Identity: Enoch Brown
Appearances (BTAS): Critters
Skills: Microbiologist, Splicing and Business
Voiced By: Peter Breck

Enoch Brown is a brilliant microbiologist and runs his Farmer Brown company that supplies cattle beef and other staples in Gotham City. Brown began to experiment on growth hormones and created monsters. After one went wild during the annual Agricultural Expo, Brown was forced out of Gotham and bankrupt.

Brown relocated to an island estate where he continued to work on altering the DNA of animals and built up an army of sorts. A year later, Brown set his monsters loose and demanded a $50 million ransom. Instead of paying, the vehicle was lined with fake money and housed Batman, Batgirl and Robin. Brown and his daughter overpowered the trio and locked them in a rocket silo filled with hatching praying mantis. Batman created an exit and launched the rigged silo straight for Brown. He and Emmy Lou were located and arrested.