False Face

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BB): Plague
Powers: Face Alteration
Voiced By: Townsend Coleman

False Face is an agent for hire known for being a master of disguise. False Face was hired by the cult, Kobra to smuggle a virus from St. Denis to Gotham City. He slipped the vial into the carry-on bag of an unsuspecting Nelson Nash at St. Denis' airline terminal and recovered it while posing as an airline inspector in Gotham. Kobra secretly injected False Face with the virus as a back up plan, as he qualified to be a suitable carrier.

Determined to stop a possible genocide, the federal government sanctioned Stalker, allied with Batman, to track Kobra down. The pair arrived at the Gotham Manufacturers Plastics and prevented Kobra from coating new credits with the virus. Batman was able to mark False Face with a grenade and pursued him before the virus could spread.