Enrique El Gancho

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BTAS): You Scratch My Back
Skills: Gun running and some Hand to Hand Fighting
Voiced By: Sal Lopez

Enrique El Gancho (Ricky the Hook) is an ex-drug and weapons enforcer in Colombia, South America. Ricky instead, became a gun runner to the States. While on a run to Gotham City, Ricky's operation was staked by Batman, Batgirl and Nightwing. It turned out Catwoman was, as well. While in South America, she secretly stowed the Cat's Eye Emerald into one of Ricky's shipments bound from Argentina to Gotham. Ricky was angered to learn that he was an unwitting player in the set up of a set up of Catwoman. Rick's namesake is a hook attached to the stump of one of his arms, that was severed some time ago. In the confrontation, Ricky was defeated by Batman.