Emperor Spooj

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Real Identity: Emperor Spooj
Appearances (STAS): The Main Man Part Two
Skills: Organized Crime
Voiced By: Richard Moll

Emperor Spooj commands an intergalactic ring of various underground activities. Sppoj sets the more high profile bounties and is associated with several hunters such as Lobo and Gnaw Vermin. Spooj once placed a bounty on Vermin's younger brother for stealing from him. Lobo easily caught Squeek but was soon embroiled in an elaborate ruse courtesy of the Preserver. The Preserver sought out Superman and Lobo for his collection of endangered alien species. Emperor Spooj was led to believe Lobo had betrayed him and set Gnaw Vermin's team after Lobo. After the Preserver was killed, Lobo returned to Spooj's palace and explained his story. The Emperor was relieved, showing some favortism to Lobo and handed out punishment to the Vermin's.