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Real Identity: Ivan Evans
Affiliation(s): Meta-Breed and Nightbreed
Appearances (SS): The Breed, Sons of the Fathers, Bad Stretch, Gear, Flashback, Showtime, Romeo in the Mix, She-Back!, Army of Darkness, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Umbrakinesis and Teleportation
Voiced By: Gary Sturgis

Ivan Evans is the older brother of Adam Evans and led a gang that both were members of. When their father passed away, Ivan Evans declared himself head of the family and continued to spiral into a life of crime. Adam Evans didn't want in and parted ways after their gang fought in the Big Bang. Transformed into a near featureless humanoid, Evans realized he could control shadow and darkness, as well as creating portals to any place on the planet. He took the name Ebon, formed the Meta-Breed gang, and initially recruited Talon and Shiv. He became pathologically obsessed with ruling over all Bang Baby metahumans and conquering Dakota City. To him, society was no longer valid and applied his own set of rules learned from years as a criminal. Ebon's next recruits were D-Struct and Static. However, Static rejected his offer and convinced D-Struct to do the same. Ebon declared them enemies but was overwhelmed with light and vanished.

Ebon and his gang soon resurfaced at the Dakota Mall and robbed patrons. Static defeated him with a Nova Ball and Talon was arrested. Angered with Static's interference, Ebon focused on killing him. An opportunity presented itself when he observed Static and Richie Foley converse. Ebon kidnapped Foley and demanded a trade for Talon. Static and two brave civilians, Sean Foley and Robert Hawkins, confronted Ebon in a squat on the north end of Ferris Row. Ebon expanded the ranks of Meta-Breed with the addition of Carmen Dillo and Aquamaria. After learning Rubberband Man helped Static defeat Aquamaria, he crafted a plan to both free his gang from the Metahuman Capture Division and force Rubberband Man to rejoin him. He posed as the reformed hero and broke out the Meta-Breed from Wing A. Static revealed the frame-up and Rubberband Man helped defeat Ebon. Arrested by the Metahuman Capture Division, Ebon's energy and abilities were neutralized by a special jacket. Months later, Kangor, Shiv, and Talon broke him out of prison.

They regrouped at the abandoned Dakota Juvenile Detention Center, where Ebon concentrated on Richie Foley's connection to Static. The Meta-Breed began inspecting various high schools and kidnapped Virgil Hawkins, their prime candidate for being Static. Hawkins bidded his time and refrained from using his abilites. Foley gathered his inventions and traced his friend's location. Using Backpack, he input a false feed of Hawkins into the Center's security camera system. Ebon concluded the two weren't the same person and was defeated by the duo. Abandoning his focus on Static, Ebon went back to recruiting more metahumans to his gang. His latest target was Nina Crocker, a Bang Baby with the power of time travel. With her, Ebon could easily dodge the police. However, Crocker was saved by Static and Gear then armed with a Space-Time Demodulator. Ebon stole the device but Static accidentally set overheated its CPU.

The four were sent five years into the past during the Dakota Gang Riots. With Crocker in tow, Ebon broke into Alva Industries headquarters and hijacked a tanker truck filled with Quantum Vapor. He planned to stage a controlled Big Bang in the center of the Riots and create 100's more metahumans to join his Meta-Breed. Static and Gear intervened, making him crash into a gas station. The four and the tanker teleported back to the present and the Vapor was disposed of properly. Another battle between Static and Ebon was recorded on the short-lived Heroes reality television series. In a turn of events, Ebon became the target of another metahuman, the Leech. Powerless and imprisoned in an old movie studio, Ebon and the other Bang Babies took advantage of the Leech's arrogance when he tried to take Static's power. However, the Metahuman Capture Division rounded them up while on route to take Leech into custody.

Months later, Ebon, HotStreak, and Talon were freed from Wing A by Madelyn Spaulding. She took over the gang, much to Ebon's protest. A captured She-Bang manipulated Ebon into challenging Spaulding for leadership. As Static and Gear arrived, she defeated Ebon. A short time later, Ebon encountered a gang from the Nightbreed and infiltrated their ranks. Ebon convinced them to take part in a grander scheme, plunge Dakota City into perpetual night and take over. Naturally, Ebon pledged to unite all Nightbreed under his leadership as his Army of Darkness. Brickhouse and Nightingale were skeptical of Ebon's trustworthiness. Their suspicions were validified when Ebon attempted to kill Static and Gear, after promising to never hurt anyone. Ebon attempted to kill them and part of the Nightbreed off by blowing up the subway. The culmination of Ebon's plan was executed in the center of Dakota, near the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude, but in the confusion Ebon was shot by Tech. The Nightbreed severed ties with the villain.

As Ebon began to lose his powers due to Dr. Todd's cure, he gathered the remaining members of Meta-Breed and stole Todd's samples of Quantum Vapor. He was constantly plagued with HotStreak's objections and Talon's betrayal. He decided to stage a second Big Bang at the docks aboard the S.S. Cheng, an unsafe vessel. After the latest recruits pledged their loyalty for the return of their powers, Ebon would have his Meta-Breed again. Talon, however, disputed Ebon's claims and accused him of being scared of his powerlessness. HotStreak took advantage of the situation and stole the Quantum Vapor. Ebon confronted him in the Quarantine Hall where the Vapor was set off. They were overexposed and became fused together into a giant monster. Static set off ship fuel to destroy the monster and the ship. It was unconfirmed if the Ebon-HotStreak monster was destroyed or survived.