Roland DeFleures

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Real Identity: Roland DeFleures
Affiliation(s): Unknown
Appearances (TZP): The Next Gen
Powers/Skills: Business, Organized Crime, Weapons, and Shipping
Voiced By: Stacy Keach

Roland DeFleures, the Merchant of Death, is an international arms dealer under NSA investigation. However, he appears to mainly be a middle man who buys and sells weapons. Nonetheless, DeFleures resides on the island of San Palago with his daughter Dominique in a compound fortified with a laser-armed gate, bomb sniffing drones, and a high voltage perimeter fence. While conducting an order from the Chancellor, of an unspecified country, for anti-armor missiles and micro-grenades, he encountered both Zeta and IU-7. After Zeta failed to pose as DeFleures and capture the IU, the real DeFleures tries to flee to his yacht but it was blown up. In the end, the IU-7 was destroyed but DeFleures lost his weapons stockpile. It is unknown whether he turned himself into federal custody or took a risk and lived on the run from his buyers.