Roland Daggett

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Real Identity: Roland Daggett
Appearances (BTAS): Feat of Clay, Feat of Clay Part Two, Appointment in Crime Alley, Cat Scratch Fever and Batgirl Returns
Skills: Business
Voiced By: Ed Asner

Roland Daggett was the head of Daggett Industries and held the prestige of being a pharmaceutical kingpin. However, he was one of the most corrupt businessmen in all of Gotham City. Daggett took part in many illegal activities including insider trading but always managed to escape conviction.

The cosmetics division of Daggett Industries created a new face cream named Renu-U that was designed to rejuvenate aged or damaged skin. The ex-film star, Matt Hagen became the guinea pig for the cream in exchange for impersonating corporate rivals. In a bid to take over Wayne Enterprises, Daggett had Hagen disguise himself as Bruce Wayne and lure Luscius Fox to a trap. Daggett's men would steal Fox's hard evidence and help manipulate a shakedown among the pillars of Wayne Enterprises. Batman intervened but his alter-ego was still framed for trying to murder Fox. Hagen discovered that the cream was addictive and unhealthy in the long run. After he was transformed into Clayface, Hagen attempted to kill Daggett. Batman interfered and overwhelmed Clayface only to see Daggett go free.

Daggett planned to use Crime Alley for his profit. However, some denizens of Gotham saw Crime Alley as a historical sight and people still lived there and were unwilling to allow Daggett to have his way. Daggett also lost an appeal to the zoning board to build. He resorted to hiring the mob arsonist, Nitro to incinerate Crime Alley. The resulting disaster would be covered up as a gasline accident and Daggett's Development division would purchase the land. He would then continue with his plan to build a mini mall. At the same time, Dr. Thompkins happened upon Nitro and was tied up. Late for her appointment in Crime Alley, Batman searched for her and stopped the bombs. Daggett avoided any blame and pinned the crime to his men.

Under Daggett Laboratories, Daggett hired the underworld figure Dr. Milo to synthesize a deadly virus. The virus would be spread secretly through stray animals in Gotham. Daggett Labs would then sell the only cure for the virus. One of the animals taken for the experiment was Isis, Selina Kyle's pet cat. As a result, Batman became involved and raced to take the cure to an ailing Catwoman.

Daggett was found out and finally exposed. The following court proceedings and legal fees crippled his company and bankrupt him. In a plan to replenish his funds, Daggett staged the theft of a jade cat statue and framed it on Catwoman. The combined effort of Batgirl, Catwoman and Robin overwhelmed Daggett and his men for good.