Randa Duane

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Real Identity: Randa Duane
Appearances (BTAS): Heart of Steel and Heart of Steel Part Two
Powers/Skills: Super Strength, Agility and Technology
Voiced By: Leslie Easterbrook

Randa Duane was a prototype robotic duplicant created by the brilliant inventor, Karl Rossum. She was created after the death of Rossum's daughter, perhaps to fill the void in his life. Duane served as Rossum's assistant at Cybertron Industries in the Research and Development division, which focused on wetware and artificial intelligence. Duane, however, was loyal only to Rossum's prototype AI, HARDAC.

Duane conducted corporate thefts for HARDAC to procure additional ware for its plan to create a host of duplicants for the upstanding members of Gotham's upper class. The thefts began to center on Wayne Tech and entailed the attention of Batman. As Wayne, he attempted to sway Duane to learn about her research. After being called away, Wayne left Duane alone in the Wayne Estate. Duane knocked out Alfred, discovered the Bat Cave and sabotaged it. In the following confrontation, Duane was destroyed by Batman.