Dr. Tannor

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Real Identity: Dr. Donald Tannor
Affiliation(s): Sorben Institute and Tannor Enterprises
Appearances (TZP): Remote Control and Kid Genuis
Powers/Skills: Business, Administration, and Technology
Voiced By: Stuart Pankin

Dr. Tannor was in charge of the Sorben Institute after its founding by Dr. Selig. He secretly stole other colleagues' work, passed it off as his, and won numerous acclaim. As scientist in charge of Sorben Institute, Tannor also was obligated to host the annual Innovation Awards, a showcase of research and development projects. On the 8th Annual, he stole Bucky Buenventura's Inductance Controller but was implicated in a recorded confession. Tannor was ejected and blamed Buenventura for his plight.

After recruiting the boy's parents, Tannor founded Tannor Enterprises and advertised the Genome Reversal Generator, an anti-aging device, to the elderly community. However, the device was far from perfected and his 20 million credit investment was more on the verge of failure. Pressured by his investors, Tannor rushed the Generator into public access. However, the test subjects were turned into ape men and the inventors, into children. To make matters worse, the Generator's power was tied into geothermal hot springs and was close to overload. He tried to force Bucky Buenventura to fix it but Zeta and Ro intervened. The compound was destroyed and it appears Tannor was turned over to the authorities.