Dr. Hugo Strange

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Real Identity: Dr. Hugo Strange
Affiliation(s): Cadmus
Appearances (BTAS): The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
Appearances (JL): The Doomsday Sanction
Skills: Obsessive deduction
Voiced By: Ray Buktenica

Dr. Hugo Strange is a brilliant psychiatrist that formerly worked for the resort complex, Yucca Springs Health Resort, a subsidiary of Dagget Industries. Strange ran a blackmail ring in which he'd extract secrets from the resort's rich clientele and extort them for large amounts of money. Batman went undercover as his alter-ego Bruce Wayne to expose Strange after an incident involving Gotham Circuit Judge, Maria Vargas. In the process, Strange learned Wayne was Batman and decided to auction off the recording to Batman's enemies, the Joker, Two-Face and the Penguin. Wayne was able to create a false recording, switched it with the real copy and destroyed Strange's work. Strange attempted to escape the super villains but Batman intervened. With the help of Dick Grayson, disguised as Bruce Wayne, Strange's revelation was dissuaded.

Strange was recruited to work on the Cadmus Project as a division head. Given his background and Amanda Waller's admission to having compiled files on every member of the Justice League, Strange's task was to determine the secret identities of the world's super heroes. Strange was later replaced by Dr. Moon, and either relocated to a non-vital role or released.