Dr. Spectro

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Real Identity: Tom Emery
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances: Dead Reckoning and the Great Brain Robbery
Powers: Master of moods and absorption of color and light

Tom Emery became an embittered scientist after he was shunned by his peers. Emery joined a circus to complete his research and took the stage name, Dr. Spectro, Master of Moods. He revealed he created a device that could cure any disease through emotions. It was a prism which converted light into various colors. A gang attempted to steal the invention. Dr. Spectro fought back but was shoved into his apparatus. Lights from the device interacted with the prism and bathed Spectro in powerful radiation. Spectro gained the ability to absorb light and color. The various color spectrums gave him a different mood and power. Red light was the most dangerous, filling him with hate and anger. Dr. Spectro began attacking audience members until he was stopped by Captain Atom.