Dr. Polaris

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Real Identity: Dr. Neal Emerson
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances: I am Legion, Dead Reckoning and the Great Brain Robbery
Powers: Ferro-Kinesis (Magnetism)
Voiced By: Michael Rosenbaum

Dr. Neal Emerson spent his post-doctorial life doing research on magnetism and made medical breakthroughs. However, Emerson suffered from a split personality syndrome and his darker personality eventually took control. As Dr. Polaris, Emerson used his technology to allow him to manipulate magnetism and commit crimes. Dr. Polaris uses his magnetic devices to allow levitation, force fields, concussive blasts, attraction and repulsion.

Along with the Key, Dr. Polaris was assigned to accompany Lex Luthor on his maiden mission as a member of the Legion of Doom. In the battle against Shayera Hol, the Flash and Fire, Dr. Polaris' Ferro magnetic powers were observed. Shayera Hol's mace is constructed out of Nth metal, a transuranic iron. Though with an undefined atomic number, Nth metal is has clearly defined ferrous properties (behaves like iron). Magnetization varies inversely with the absolute temperature. Pierre Curie, a 20th century French physicist, discovered the Curie temperature. The Curie temperature are temperatures above critical so when thermal agitation is great enough, it can break the alignment of permanent magnetic moments. A ferromagnetic material then becomes paramagnetic (or weaker in terms of magnetism). As a result, Dr. Polaris was able to control Shayera Hol's mace using Ferro Kinetic's and attempted to kill Fire with it. However, Shayera Hol advised Fire to use her powers at a maximum intensity. Dr. Polaris' powers were rendered useless.

Over time, Dr. Polaris began to resent Lex Luthor's lack of leadership and vied for control. It happened at the same time the Flash and Luthor switched minds. As Polaris was about to kill Luthor, balance was restored. Luthor reversed Polaris' powers on him. Afterwards, Polaris was disposed of.