Dr. Odium

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Real Identity: Dr. Odium
Affiliation(s): National Biotech Authority
Appearances (SS): Hoop Squad
Powers/Skills: Technology and Robotics
Voiced By: David Ogden Stiers

Dr. Odium is a Biotechnical Artifical Intelligence and Robotics expert who specializes in Nanotechnology. He is notably brilliant but insane. Odium was recruited to work for the National Biotech Authority and proposed testing his nanites on humans. When he was rejected, Odium concluded the Authority was holding him back and was later fired.

In secret, Odium imprinted his personality on the nanites and gained greater control of them. Some time later, he resurfaced with his army and threatened to destroy the west coast of the United States of America if he wasn't paid a ransom of $100 million in two hours. He tasked his nanites with stealing a special compressor. When Static, Gear, and the Hoop Squad arrived, Odium's robot kidnapped Gear as Odium sensed a kindred spirit in the hero. Gear swiftly turned down his offer to join him but Odium used Gear's Shock Box and a Voice Modulator to lure Static and the Hoop Squad into a trap. Meanwhile, Odium set up his nanites in an abandoned north Los Angeles oil field near the earthquake fault line. He would then pump the nanites down the well chack. The compressor was detonated and destroyed Odium and the nanites. However, Gear discovered the real Odium in a cryogenic chamber and released him. He was soon arrested by the authorities.