Dr. Milo

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Real Identity: Dr. Achilles Milo
Affiliation(s): Cadmus
Appearances (BTAS): Cat Scratch Fever and Moon of the Wolf
Appearances (JL): The Doomsday Sanction
Skills: Splicing, Biology and Chemistry
Voiced By: Treat Williams/ Armin Shimmerman

A rather cunning chemist, Dr. Milo became an infamous underworld doctor for hire in Gotham City. Dr. Milo tends to cater to those that have the funds, the wealthy. Dr. Milo was contracted by Roland Dagget to synthesize a new strain of virus to be unleashed through rabid stray animals. Dagget would profit by selling the antidote to the public. Batman and Catwoman stumbled upon the plan. He sought out the cure for an ailing Catwoman but Milo allowed one of the test subjects to pursue Batman to a frozen lake.

Milo was arrested but later resurfaced. He was approached by the Olympian, Anthony Romulus to create an undetectable steroid to give him the winning edge. Milo paid off a Gotham Zoo security guard, John Hamner to give him access to the cage housing Alaskan Timber Wolves. Milo then used a sample of the wolf estrogen in his steroid. It succeeded in enhancing human attributes but Milo managed to manipulate it enough to cause Romulus to transform into a werewolf. Milo used the antigen to blackmail Romulus but he eventually turned on Milo and leveled his hideout in the Gotham Coliseum. Milo was arrested and badly hurt afterwards.

Years later, Milo found his way into a position as a division head for the government agency, Cadmus. His animal splicing experiments were based on the work of Dr. Kirk Langstrom, but Milo continued to fail to create a suitable weapon. Amanda Waller decided to demote Milo to a non-vital role and confiscate all of his research. Milo was bent on getting revenge and released Doomsday to kill Waller and Hamilton. It seemed Milo was overworked and failed to realize that Doomsday would kill him and go after his conditioned target, Superman.