Dr. Garver

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Real Identity: Dr. Earl Garver
Appearances (STAS): Two's a Crowd
Skills: Science and Technology
Voiced By: Brian Cox

Dr. Earl Garver formerly worked for the technologically renowned STAR Labs. Garver was disgruntled and had plans of his own. He stole a radioactive isotope and threatened to detonate it unless he were paid a ransom. Garver rigged his home into an unpenetrable fortress with reinforced steel and automated weaponry. Superman arrived and confronted Garver. In the skirmish, he suffered a concussion. With only four hours left, Professor Hamilton, Superman and the SCU came up with a compromise.

They recruited Parasite to sap some of Garver's life force to discover the location of the isotope. However, Garver's consciousness transferred over. He convinced Parasite to escape and try to kidnap Superman again. Secretly, Garver was trying to take control of Parasite's body and subvert Rudy Jones. Superman managed to dump the explosive in an abandoned pitfall. Parasite was defeated in the process and Garver returned to his body and flown to prison.