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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): N/A
Appearances: Shadow of the Hawk
Powers: Flight and Pyrokinesis
Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Dreamslayer lead a group of criminals on an alien planet called Angor. The group triggered a nuclear holocaust that ravaged the planet. Dreamslayer escaped to a pocket dimension, where he gained new powers. Dreamslayer and his allies soon relocated to a similar planet called Earth and set about to trigger the same events, presumably. However, he and his team were opposed by the Justice League Unlimited, one such opposition that did not exist on Angor. Dreamslayer was arrogant because of this and had his team challenge the team of Batman, Green Lantern, Shayera Hol and Vixen. Dreamslayer was defeated when Green Lantern capsulated him in a power ring construct of a bubble and he attempted to blow himself out.