Dr. Dorian

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Real Identity: Dr. Emile Dorian
Appearances (BTAS): Tyger, Tyger
Skills: Genetics
Voiced By: Joseph Maher

Dr. Dorian was a leading geneticist in Gotham City alongside former colleague, Dr. Kirk Langstrom. Dorian's discovery of the T-99 mutigen led him to conduct illegal experiments. Utilizing his affinity for felines, Dorian created several bizarre hybrids. Dorian was found out and saved face by relocating to an island offshore. Dorian continued his work for 20 years and created a gorilla and feline humanoids, Garth and Tygrus, respectively. Dorian's ultimate goal was convoluted but it was apparent for some time that Dorian had gone insane and took on a god complex. The island would be a realm from which he'd create new life and preside over it.

Dorian still maintained contact with the outside world. To complete his grand scheme, Dorian chose to have Selina Kyle kidnapped and mutate her into the female companion for Tygrus. Kyle's disappearance caught the attention of Batman. Batman and Kyle were able to convince Tygrus that Dorian was in the wrong. A struggle followed and Dorian's estate was destroyed. Tygrus saved the unconscious Dorian as well as the only antigen for Kyle. Dorian was taken to the authorities for his crimes.