Dr. Cuvier

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Real Identity: Dr. Abel Cuvier
Appearances (BB): Splicers and Curse of the Kobra Part Two
Skills: Genetics Splicing
Voiced By: Ian Buchanan

Dr. Cuvier, founder and head of the Chimera Institute, promotes genetic animal augmentation, informally referred to as splicing. Patients are given an injection and take on the appearance of selected animals, sometimes attributes, as well. Dr. Cuvier was his own first test subject. However, the Gotham City District Attorney, Sam Young made it a mission to shut down the Institute amid independant research that revealed splicing led to a rise in aggressive behavior.

Cuvier planned to send three of his Splicers to silence Young when they captured Batman. Cuvier injected Batman with an overdose of vampire bat serum. Batman fled the Institute and tried to warn Young. He mutated and rampaged, instead. Luckily, Batman held onto some restraint and returned to the Batcave, where Bruce Wayne sedated him and reversed his condition. By then, Cuvier was forced to go underground and plotted a revolution. Armed with antidotes, Batman took out the Splicers and confronted Cuvier, who transformed himself into a mythological Chimera. Undaunted, Batman overdosed him with more serum and turned him into a monstrosity. Wayne's dog, Ace, joined in the fight. It seemed Cuvier perished in a chemical explosion.