Dr. Boyle

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Real Identity: Dr. Thomas Boyle
Affiliation(s): The Zeta Project
Appearances (TZP): Hunt in the Hub
Powers/Skills: Hyper-Environment Engineering, Technology, and Mechanical Aptitude
Voiced By: Dabney Coleman

Dr. Boyle was a scientist recruited by the government to work on the Zeta Project and design Infiltration Units. Boyle's specialty is hyper-environment engineering which involves machines built to work in extreme conditions. After the project commission ended, Boyle went on to find other work. He kept his name off the Internet and built up an aura of mystery.

In a bid to build a space probe, Boyle lacked proper funding and created a plan to steal parts from the Hub, central nexus of travel in the United States. After receiving an email from Zeta, Boyle purposefully put his plans on the Internet for Zeta to find. They met at Sector M, Gate 387 where Boyle was allegedly changing planes. He bonded a credit jammer on Zeta and forced the unit to steal the needed parts for him. Zeta had no choice but to comply and to add, Boyle voiced his lack of admiration for Dr. Selig.

First, he sent them to steal a circuit board designed to monitor radiation, solar, and wind from the Weather Center on Sub-Level 1, right next to security. Boyle defended his action by stating, the Hub has a second one and wouldn't be crippled by the loss on one and implored Zeta to infiltrate the station. After ordering them into locker room, Boyle then assigned them to go to Hyper Flight Launch Tube 1 and steal six meters of neo-tungsten wire. However, Zeta went to Tube 10, destined for launch to Nairobi. Third, Boyle then had Zeta steal a transmitter normally mounted on planes. Zeta and Ro then activated the transmitter and planted it on Boyle after he disabled the jammer. Agents Rush and West tracked the signal, entered the Executive Lounge, and arrested Boyle.