Dr. Belson

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Real Identity: Dr. Gregory Belson
Appearances (BTAS): Subzero
Skills: Cyrogenics
Voiced By: George Dzundza

Dr. Belson was the leading researcher in the field of cyrogenics among colleagues of Gotham City and worked for Gothcorp. Belson was also associated with one Victor Freis. Belson, however, despite his prestige, suffered from greed and arrogance. In 1992, he purchased a red 60's era Jaguar car and owned it ever since. Belson resided at 105 Skyline Court, Gotham City, New York 10001 near Chelsea, Manhattan. In 1997, after receiving inside information on a new drug, he leveraged futures with everything he had even his house. However, the Food and Drug Administration discovered side effects and put the drug on hold. Belson lost out and had to pay $2.5 million in losses to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Belson had insufficent funds and had no way of paying.

After an incident in the Arctic Circle, Mr. Freeze's wife Nora needed an organ transplant. Freeze kidnapped Belson and enlisted him for help. He swayed Belson with the promise of gold he had discovered in the Arctic. It was Belson's constant calls to his stock broker that allowed Batman and Robin to find out Freeze's location. In the following struggle, the oil platform was destroyed and Belson perished in the explosion.