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Real Identity: Doomsday
Affiliation(s): Cadmus
Appearances: A Better World Part One and Doomsday Sanction
Powers: Super strength, invulnerability, advanced healing
Voiced By: Michael Jai White

Under the auspices of the Cadmus Project, a clone of Superman was made from a genetic sample, however it was engineered to be his superior. Named Doomsday, it was repeatedly subjected to simulations that humiliated it and fueled its rage towards Superman. Ultimately, Doomsday was to be the Project's fail safe in the case Superman ever went rogue again.

Doomsday became increasingly difficult to control so Amanda Waller arranged for Doomsday to be imprisoned in a rocket and blasted off into space. Doomsday managed to break free and forced the rocket back to Earth where he landed near Metropolis where he proceeded to go on a rampage only to encounter the Justice Lords. Their Superman used his heat vision to fry his brains, temporarily sidelining him. Doomsday was recovered by Cadmus and it slowly recuperated from its advanced healing powers. It was prematurely freed by the embittered Dr. Milo. It turned on and killed Milo then fled the Cadmus compound via a rocket ship and went to the volcanic San Baqueros to fight and kill his prey Superman. However Superman managed to trap Doomsday in molten lava. After an inquiry, it was revealed that Doomsday's brain was modified to be unreadable by telepaths. When it became apparent that it would not reveal anything, Superman decided to banish it to the Phantom Zone.