Devil Ray

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances: I am Legion, To Another Shore and Dead Reckoning
Skills: Above average strength and technological genius
Voiced By: Michael Beach

A nameless boy with undiagnosed autism was subjected to experimental treatments at his orphanage. The treatments advanced the child to an above average awareness. The treatments also revealed rage and violence that dwelled within the child. While watching television, the boy observed the super hero Aquaman submerged in water. Water was the one thing that could comfort the boy. Seeing someone else in what he loved above all else made the boy hate.

As an adult, the boy became a criminal named Black Manta. While justifying his crimes based off of the historical slavery of the African race, Black Manta desired to crave out a kingdom of his own. Besides some level of above average strength, Black Manta possess the ability to quickly master and create technology. Black Manta's endeavors to create a kingdom of his own, often draws him into conflict with Aquaman whom he always attempts to steal from.

Devil Ray was one of a handful of super villains whose attributes were augmented by Lex Luthor. Devil Ray experienced enhanced physical strength, notably. His latest mission involved a small unit from the Legion of Doom to take the corpse of the Viking Prince. Somehow, Grodd hoped to have Luthor reverse engineer the Viking Prince's legendary invulnerability and further empower the Legion of Doom. However, the extraction was interrupted by Wonder Woman, who was in the same area for a global warming summit. Devil Ray battled Wonder Woman one on one underwater and lost. Devil Ray's miniature submersible and henchmen were surrounded by the US Navy before they could get away with the Viking Prince.

Devil Ray soon escaped prison and returned to the Legion. He accompanied a small force to Himalayas to steal the Heart of Nanda Parbat from a sect of monks. Devil Ray killed the sect's guardian and left the Master for dead, buried under rubble. The Master's companion, Deadman was grief stricken and wanted revenge. Later, when he and the trio of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman arrived at Gorilla City, Deadman possessed Wonder Woman and savagely beat Devil Ray. After the Legion was routed and the Heart destroyed, Devil Ray avoided capture and took aim at Wonder Woman. Deadman spotted him and possessed Batman. As Batman he shot Devil Ray but he was pushed back into a broken panel and electrocuted to death.