Dr. Destiny

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Real Identity: John Dee
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances: Only a Dream Part One, Part Two, I am Legion, the Great Brain Robbery and Alive!
Powers: Can enter people's minds and brings nightmares to life
Voiced By: William Atherton

John Dee was a former low level employee of LexCorp who was arrested for guarding a cache of smuggled weapons in LexCorp's harbor front warehouse in a search that was initiated by the Justice League. Dee held a grudge for them in Striker's Prison where he began volunteering in an experiment that temporarily gave him the mental power known as ESP. During a prison break, Dee used the machine without setting any parameters. Dee later escaped with permanent mental powers. Now, Dr. Destiny, he can enter the dreams of his victims and trap them in a delusional state, slowly killing them.

He went about tormenting his ex wife, Penny Dee, by entering into her dreams. She was affected so greatly by Dr. Destiny that she died. The closer someone is to him, the stronger his power is.

In a showdown with Batman, Dr. Destiny accidentally injected himself with an overdose of a powerful sedative called eccaine. He resides in Striker's in a comatose state. He has escaped since and joined the Legion of Doom.