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Real Identity: Despero
Appearances: Hearts and Minds Part One and Part Two
Powers: Hypnotic Third Eye
Voiced By: Keith David

A native of the planet Kalanor, he was an outcast due to his genetic abnormality, a third eye that rested on his forehead, which in Eastern philosophy stands for wisdom or mystic properties. Over time, his psyche was fractured with hatred. He was eventually banished into Kalanor's wastelands where he wandered aimlessly until he encountered Py'tar, the planet's sentient soul. It sought to use Despero as a conduit to deliver its message of paradise and triggered Despero's hidden telepathic powers.

He returned to society as a holy man prophesizing paradise, however, not the one that Py'tar intended. Despero installed an authoritative theocracy that revolved around him and forced the citizens to live in perpetual fear. Despero infused his army with the powers of Py'tar and sent them off into the universe to convert. The combined efforts of the Justice League and Green Lantern Corps ended Despero's reign and Py'tar took hold of Despero's essence and revitalized Kalanor.