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Real Identity: Deimos
Appearances: Chaos at the Earth's Core
Skills/Powers: Sword fighting, magic
Voiced By: Douglas Dunning

Deimos was an evil wizard based in Skartaris. He attempted to ursurp the throne of Shamballah by kidnapping its heir, Tara. Deimos was defeated by Travis Morgan, later known as Warlord. Since then, the two were bitter enemies. Warlord was able to hold off Deimos and his army of dino troopers. That is, until the arrival of the Legion of Doom. Deimos agreed to allow them to be his military advisors and accepted energy based weapons in exchange for the Great Stone. Deimos soon began to easily take over kingdom after kingdom. Warlord gathered the remaining fighters for one last stand to stop him from taking the Stone. Deimos, entered the Monk's sanctuary but was confronted by the Justice League. Stargirl and Supergirl were able to disarm his energy bands but Deimos was distracted by Warlord. A final sword duel followed. In the end, Deimos fell to his death. Skartaris was finally free of his tyranny.