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Real Identity: De'Cine
Appearances (STAS): Warrior Queen
Skills: Armed and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Miguel Ferrer

De'Cine was a would be suitor to Maxima, the young and headstrong ruler of Almerac. She would marry the man who would defeat her in battle. De'Cine fell in a long line of men who failed. However, De'Cine seduced Maxima's assistant, Sazu, by feeding her lies of his desire to focus on economic and social issues of the planet. These were long ignored in place of Maxima's goal to find a husband. Upon returning from Earth, Maxima and Superman were arrested. De'Cine usurped control from Sazu and left them to die in a shielded prison, also home to a giant worm-like creature called Carnorite. They escaped and defeated De'Cine. Soon after, Lobo arrived claiming a bounty that was placed on De'Cine.