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Real Identity: Floyd Lawton
Affiliation(s): Task Force X
Appearances: (JL/JLU) The Enemy Below Part One, Only A Dream Part One(dream), A Better World Part Two(alternate version), Hereafter Part One, Part Two and Task Force X
Skills: Weapons and Marksman
Voiced By: Michael Rosenbaum

Floyd Lawton, the reputed top marksman in the world, ascended the underworld as the assassin for hire, Deadshot. An expert with all types of firearms and projectile weapons, Deadshot wears a costume that integrates guns, a targeting scope and a miniature rocket launcher. Originally working solo, Deadshot only accepts the most challenging and suicidal contracts.

Deadshot first encountered the Justice League when he was contracted by a mysterious benefactor (later revealed to be Orm) to assassinate Aquaman. Deadshot failed both attempts and was apprehended. Deadshot later resurfaced in Metropolis when Superman seemingly died, along with other villains. The remaining Justice League members defeated all the villains.

Deadshot was arrested and sentenced to death row at Belle Reve Prison. However, when he went to the electric chair, he found Colonel Rick Flagg Jr. with an offer he couldn't refuse. He learned his last meal, a lobster, was laced with explosive nanites. He was now a member of Task Force X. Unwilling to go back to the chair, he took part in a mission to steal the Annihilator from the Justice League Watchtower. He willingly sacrificed teammate Plastique to complete the mission.