Darkseid (Earth-???)

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Real Identity: Uxas
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Three, The Mirror Crack'd Part Four, The Mirror Crack'd Part Five, and The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
Powers: Enhanced Strength, Near Invulnerability, and Omega Effect
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Darkseid was obsessed with finding the Anti-Life Equation. He believed it would give him control and the ability to bring discipline, symmetry to a universe that was little more than a swamp of pain and meaninglessness. He became certain it was located on a planet called Earth. The Apokoliptian invasion force met resistance from a team of super heroes. Darkseid realized the Anti-Life Equation was not there but it was too late and both sides were knee deep in blood and rage. Wonder Woman ended it by making Darkseid see both sides would inevitably perish in their conflict continued. A truce was called. Wonder Woman went to Apokolips as an ambassador. At first, Darkseid found her confounding and irritating: the heart of a pacifist in the body of a warrior. Yet, he also found those contradictions alluring. They talked for endless hours debating philosophy, the meaning of life, and of death itself. She showed him there could be an existence beyond struggle and misery. She even taught him love and she loved him in return.

However, love didn't quench his thirst for the Anti-Life Equation. He kept its discovery a secret from Wonder Woman. It used him as a conduit. It spoke to Darkseid and urged him on. Like a man in a fever dream, he prepared to unleash it on the universe. Wonder Woman found out and pleaded with him to stop. Her fierce love called to him in a voice stronger than the equation's but it was too late and Darkseid couldn't draw the power back into himself. The equation was a living entity and took control of him. It launched itself across Apokolips and the universe. Darkseid soon learned the Anti-Life entity had no interest in order and instead wanted to inflict endless, infinite death. It moved swiftly and mercilessly. When it consumed the universe, it returned to Apokolips and took its time inflicting suffering. It took Wonder Woman's life. Darkseid screamed and wept as her body turned to bones before his eyes. The entity's cruelty continued and it left only Darkseid alive on the now dead planet.

For thousands of years, a fragment of the entity left behind took delight in mocking and torturing Darkseid. All the while, Darkseid reasoned the universe was built on the foundation of duality and secretly discovered the Life Equation, the very thing that could rebirth creation but he could not activate it because of his corrupt soul. During the dimensional overlap crisis, Wonder Woman was teleported to the parallel universe and took shelter in a cave on Apokolips. Darkseid happened upon her and offered his help. Darkseid couldn't blame Wonder Woman for being confused. Wonder Woman jumped to conclusions and blamed Darkseid for the multiverse incident. She headbutted and back handed him then picked him up the chin and slammed him into the ceiling. She demanded to know why he wasn't fighting back. Darkseid stated he lost the will to fight thousands of years ago. Wonder Woman realized she was in another universe and was engaging an alternate version of Darkseid. She noticed a statue of the universe's Wonder Woman, clad in armor. Darkseid also knew she wasn't his Diana. "My Diana" sent a chill down her spine but felt pain and longing in his words. He revealed the planet they were on was a lifeless husk and his home. She realized it was Apokolips.

Darkseid admitted he murdered the planet and all of creation because of stupidity on a cosmic scale. He told Wonder Woman how it all started. She remembered he was master deceiver no matter the universe. He believed her arrival changed everything. He told her about the Life Equation then revealed he believed they could unlock its secrets together. She took offense to him touching her shoulder and thinking they would work together. She clocked him while feeling like she was being poisoned by his corruption. She warned not to mistake her for the woman he knew. To add insult to injury, she assumed she was a lost and damaged soul for loving a monster like him. She stormed out of the cave and ignored his calls. The Anti-Life entity manifested as Hades and tried to tempt her but she declared if she was hell's instrument of pain and suffering, she would rather die. It obliged her and started to drain her life away.

Darkseid intervened and she recovered. Darkseid refused to let her die "again" and unleashed his Omega Effect on the entity. Wonder Woman realized the truth as it revealed its true form and countered. Darkseid's actions were futile and fatal. Wonder Woman had enough and struck her bracelets together. The shockwave dispersed the entity but she wondered if Anti-Life could truly die. Darkseid admitted he never understood how her bracelets worked. She implored him to save his strength and she would get him back to the cave. He told her it was too late and tried to tell her something but he expired. Wonder Woman grieved but Superman and heroes from Earth-D called the Justice Alliance arrived. Before Superman could continue, he noticed the dead Darkseid. Wonder Woman asked him to wait. She picked up Darkseid's body and carried him back to his cavern for a proper burial then honored him for dying a hero despite her complex conflicted feelings.