Carlton Duquesne

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Real Identity: Carlton Duquesne
Appearances (BTAS): Mystery of the Batwoman
Skills: Underworld Dealings
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Carlton Duquesne is a Gotham gangster that runs a muscle for hire racket. Duquesne has a close association to the Penguin. 10 years ago, an assassination attempt was made on his life. His wife was killed instead. Since then, he became emotionally distant from his daughter, Kathy. Duquesne frequently sends his bodyguards, formerly thugs of the Joker's, to protect her. He lost his position in an arms operation after the severity of Batwoman's sabotages crippled his associates' warehouses. When his daughter was revealed to be Batwoman, Duquesne was branded a traitor. In the aftermath, he reconciled with Kathy and agreed to a plea bargain in prison.