Arkady DuVall

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Real Identity: Arkady DuVall
Appearances (BTAS): Showdown
Skills: Sword Fighting
Voiced By: Malcolm McDowell

Arkady DuVall is the late son of the infamous Ra's Al Ghul. Although he graduated as a Heidelberg fencing champion from prestigious academy known for molding the ideal gentleman, DuVall became a ruthless and sadistic man. He is known to have had at least one immersion in the Lazarus Pit. Ra's Al Ghul came to the conclusion his son was too unbalanced and cruel to wisely rule his empire. For his various crimes, including abusing women and murder, a $200 reward was posted for DuVall's capture, dead or alive. He was tracked by the bounty hunter Jonah Hex through 12 States until they met at Devil's Hole in 1883. DuVall was taking part in Ra's Al Ghul's plot to interrupt America's expansionist Manifest Destiny. Hex was captured and DuVall believed he was a government spy and quickly ordered his death. Ra's intervened and ordered Hex to be imprisoned and await later questioning. He escaped and leveled Ra's airship with its own ammunition.

Hex and DuVall fought each other, sword versus knife, to which Hex won. DuVall sliced open a pipe and scalded himself with hot steam. Despite a bribe of $5000 in gold, Hex hauled DuVall back to the East Coast of America. DuVall was sentenced to 50 years of hard labor. Surprisingly, DuVall survived and was released, but he was never the same. The time fractured his mind and left DuVall's mind shattered. After completing his sentence, DuVall wandered off and Ra's lost track of him. In the 1990's, DuVall, now over 100 years old, resided at the Gotham Retirement Villas. Close to death, DuVall was taken by Ra's despite Batman and Robin's intervention. After listening to Ra's' account of the Phoenix Debacle, Batman decided to allow Ra's to spend his last moments with his son as not even the Lazarus Pit could restore DuVall.