J. Corcoran

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Real Identity: J. Caroll Corcoran
Appearances (BTAS): Judgement Day
Skills: Law
Voiced By: Steve Weber

J. Caroll Corcoran is one of the more recent former Gotham City councilman. During the time that the third personality of Harvey Dent, the Judge, appeared, Corcoran was interviewed by the press to ascertain his opinion on a new vigilante in Gotham. After unofficially endorsing the Judge, Corcoran discovered his approval ratings went up. Corcoran decided to publicly partner with the Judge. In turn, Corcoran supplied the Judge with police files. Corcoran then was in line to accept the Marshall Award, a prestigious honor for attorneys. However, the Judge discovered Corcoran was also accepting financial kickbakcs from a Goth Corp project. Batman intervened and saved Corcoran, only to have his career tarnished.