Jackson Chappell

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Real Identity: Jackson Chappell
Appearances (BB): The Winning Edge
Skills: Chemistry
Voiced By: Larry Drake

20 years before Terry McGinnis became Batman, the South American hitman, Bane served his term in prison and was never seen again. Due to the addictive nature of Bane's Venom steroid, he now needed it just to survive through the day. Over time, his condition worsened and he was forced to entrust the formula to a caretaker.

Jackson Chappell was hired to care for Bane. He sought to profit from the Venom formula and used an abandoned Gotham Herald newspaper factory to produce Slappers. Slappers were patches coated with Venom that could be applied just by skin contact. One of his known associates, Coach Creager, worked at Hamilton High School and allowed his team to purchase them. Batman discovered the drug ring after recognizing a classmate and broke it up.