Deanna Clay

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Real Identity: Deanna Clay
Appearances (BB): Inqueling
Skills: Theft and Chemistry
Voiced By: Azura Skye

Deanna Clay is the daughter of the international thief and saboteur, Inque. Clay was given up for adoption as an infant. She lived without the knowledge of her alleged trust fund was actually being constantly updated or that her birth mother was still alive. With only a life of money, Clay lived on credit cards and grew to be a spoiled adult.

One night, she was approached by Inque, who suffered cellular damage and needed help getting more mutagen. Inque promised to transfer money from her account to Clay's. Clay cleverly learned Inque's account numbers to finish the e-transfer. She was seduced by the large amount in Inque's account. As planned, Clay broke into Gotham Genetics and stole solvent, instead of mutagen. Inque dissipated but later regenerated and kept a watchful eye on Clay, after she stole her fortune.