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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Society of Assassins
Appearances (BB): A Touch of Curare and Final Cut
Skills: Armed and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Melissa Disney

Stripped of her true identity, Curare became the highest ranking member in the Society of Assassins. She wields a schmitar, sharpened by lasers, which can cut through anything. According to Interpol, Curare has only been connected to an airport assassination in Berlin. An international arms dealer hired the Society to kill Gotham City District Attorney Sam Young. Young's deposition would put the dealer away in prison. Curare was contracted but was defeated by Batman.

When a member of the Society fails a mission, they become the next target. Curare escaped custody and the Society. She rejected the penalty and hunted down every member. Her last three targets were the elites within the Society. She got Karima in Lisbon, Devon in the USA and went after Mutro Botha. Botha blackmailed Batman to stop Curare. However, Curare got to Botha, who left a concealed bomb somewhere in Gotham. With Botha's broadband transmitter, Batman discovered the bomb at the Gotham Museum of Armaments, and defeated Curare again.