Cult of the Cat

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Real Identity: N/A
Appearances (BTAS): Cult of the Cat
Skills: Theft, Tracking, Technology and Science
Voiced By: (Thomas Blake) Scott Cleverdon and (Female) Tasia Valenza

The Cult of the Cat, based in Gotham City, draws its history from ancient Egypt when people worshipped cats and performed the ancient rite of theft. The modern cult's founder and leader, Thomas Blake, has a known psychotic streak. During the initiation of a new member, blood of an innocent victim is used to sanctify their statue. To bankroll the Cult, Blake amassed a fortune in stolen jewels and objects and is independantly wealthy. The Cult also had cutting edge genecisists work on gene splicing cats into beasts.

Catwoman antagonized the Cult by stealing from them. The Cult pursued Catwoman for months until she decided to try and join the Cult in order to steal the rest of Blake's cache. However, Batman arrived to save Catwoman but to avoid being caught, Catwoman knocked him out. Catwoman and Batman were able to lead one of the experiments to escape and attack Cult members. The Gotham City Police Department arrived and arrested Blake and several cultists. Meanwhile, Catwoman managed to escape with most of Blake's riches.